BONE Accumulation for SHIB Burns in Shibarium

100.01% Blocks Indexed ( )

This page tracks the total being accumulated for $SHIB burns on Shibarium, along with an estimation of transactions needed for the first burn based on the average fee and $BONE value.

Network Utilization: 0.13%
Total Blocks: 859,021
Transactions Today: 15,019
$BONE Value: 0.858135

$BONE Accumulated

( USD)

Total Transactions


Transactions Needed to reach $25k

(An Estimate Only)

Note: On the Shibarium scanner, the 'Total Transactions' on the home page shows a higher number than what's displayed here. We verified, and all blocks are accounted in our database. The number of transactions displayed here matches the figure on their "Charts & Stats" page ('Total txns').