Welcome to Our New Website

Shibburn is the first dedicated burn project in the crypto world, made exclusively for the Shiba Community in order to track $SHIB transactions made to dead wallets. The website was launched on June 1st, 2021, it was inspired by Vitalik Buterin's massive burn in mid-May and the announcement of the ShibaSwap project. The Shibburn Twitter page became a hub in the community for discussing burns. It became widely known after lead developer Shytoshi Kusuma showed his support on October 11th, three days later the Shibburn developer announced that he will use his platform with the help of the Shiba community to burn tokens, it inspired many in the community with projects of their own. Due to the mention, the account gained over 20k followers in less than 3 days and appeared in Fortune Magazine. By December 2021, the website had gained over one million visitors.



After a few months of work, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website. 

Some of the changes we made to the site:

1) Our new look has been designed to make it easier to find information about $SHIB burns with full mobile optimization.

2) We now have the burn transactions stored in our server. Visitors can now be redirected to a single transaction page via Shibburn instead of Etherscan. A link to Etherscan for the transaction will still be available on the page. 

3) We added one of the most requested features, burn rate and circulating supply. Currently, the burn rate is set to 24hrs. We get Circulating Supply by removing the total balance in xSHIB (Staked $SHIB),  2 special dead wallets used for burns, and the "black hole" address which removes $SHIB from the supply (the same one being used for Shiboshi's renaming). These get updated in real-time. Some things to keep in mind:

  • a- Don't rely on CoinMarketCap for updates with circulating supply, it may be outdated and not include all burns or staked tokens that are temporarily removed from the supply.
  • b- If a staker decides to unstake, then it will cause Circulating Supply to increase. This does not mean that Shiba team is minting more $SHIB, this is not possible. The new graph for SHIB supply is there to prove it and clear things up. Do the math. You have the addresses, you have the numbers in real-time.
  • c- Covid Relief fund was not removed from circulating supply.
  • d- If you believe the information is inaccurate or missing anything, email us and we will review it. 

4) Our blog will be updated on a regular basis to talk about Shibburn's plans, future development, and more. 

5) We will have ads across the website today that will help us with development and contribute to burns.

6) Translations ready. Spanish translation will be added first.

7) More interactivity. Watch burns as they happen on the main page. (More improvements coming soon)


We hope you like our new look! More updates and features are to be released soon.

Thanks for your support, feedback is welcome.